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Demac Construction


What distinguishes DEMAC Construction from others?

We assemble a proficient delivery team that shares our clients' passion for their buildings. Prepared for upcoming challenges, we eagerly welcome every new opportunity with enthusiasm.

As a company, we wholeheartedly embrace a partnership approach in every project. Commitment to collaborative working is a cornerstone of the DEMAC ethos.

Professionalism, dynamism, and versatility are key contributors to our company's success. At Demac Construction Ltd, we embrace change and strive to reduce costs by leveraging modern technology to value engineer aspects of our contracts. These savings are either passed on to or shared with our clients.

We consistently invest in ongoing training, development, and research to enhance Demac Construction Ltd's market advantage. This commitment ensures that we continuously employ and enforce the latest techniques in design, construction, training, welfare, and health & safety.


Our Values

Unwavering integrity, honesty, and reliability—no exceptions.
Persistent Operating Philosophy of Collaboration with Stakeholders in Design and Delivery
Consistent Quality Delivery, Punctual Every Time
Zero Defects Philosophy
Professionalism Anchored in Client Satisfaction
Safety as a Fundamental Bedrock for Every Stakeholder
Investment in and Sharing with Our Most Important Asset, Our People

Our Responsibilities

Demac is committed to minimizing the impact of its work on the broader environment.
We continually strive to create safe, friendly, and sustainable working conditions.
Proactively supporting the communities in which we operate.
Continuous investment in our people through training and personal development.
Maintaining and supporting a healthy supply chain.